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Past Projects

The Momac Trio

MoMac (Tim Scott) - Guitar, vocal 
Leo Christian - drums, vocal
Bret Garen - Bass, vocal

Someone said that there's a "gap" in the music history that the MoMac Trio seems to fullfill. Maybe it's "the missing link"? Because it is jazz..., but have nothing to do with jazz, because it's pure rock'n'roll - but yet it's not.
Or try this description, as I've been quoted:
" Hmm... aaaah..., let's see... It's a magicians hat, the wild card, a perfect mistake, the missing page, a well cut suit, a secret recipe, slippery like the truth, the midnight train, a champagne cork in flight, it's just what you expected not to expect, it is what it is and sometimes isn't... It's The MoMac Trio! "

The Havalinas

Tim Scott - Guitars, harmonica, dobro
Smutty Smith - Bass
Chalo Quintana - Drums, b-vocals, percussion

The Havalinas was formed in 1990 togehter with former Rockats bassist Smutty Smith and Cruzados drummer Chalo Quintana. The group issued one self-titled album in 1990, which was performed on acoustic instruments.

The Rockats


Featuring combined British and American personnel, rockabilly revivalists the Rockats were formed by vocalist Levi Dexter in order to pay tribute to the '50s sounds he loved. However, Dexter was only with the group for one record, 1981's At the Louisiana Hayride (actually recorded in 1979); after his departure for a solo career, bassist Smutty Smiff kept the band going for several years with rotating personnel. After 1981's Live at the Ritz and the 1983 EP Make That move, the Rockats finally broke up for good; and I went for a solo career before forming the Havalinas.

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